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  1. Issue is: after switching servers from gamer district to omega wow, i started getting random dcs. It occurs in amount of few in short period of time (f.e. today i got like 5 in 1h, while rest day nothing). Never happened before and its really pissing especially when terms goes up to riding ulduar as healer/ tank. Thanks for answering, ImStillAlive
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    Time of Occurance: 2019-Apr-15 ST 22:23 Dungeon: The Oculus Ninja Name: Stronghands Class/Spec: DK Incident Report: He rolled for tank item which I need a lot and immediately left the dungeon. After that i asked nicely for him to hand me that item and he said "MAN I NEED THIS" and "im a main spec tank too" . ChatProof Screenshoot: [I know it does not identfying anything. I hope it can be identified from logs as there is precise time]