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  1. Account with a character Dionis is not banned at all.
  2. Jack

    Gold Sellers

    When ever you get a wisp from a gold seller just take a screenshot and post it in the abuse reports chat on our official discord channel and he will be permanently banned.
  3. Make an ingame ticket First GM to open it will unmute you
  4. Jack

    VIP "1month"

    Blizzlike? I don't think so.
  5. We try our best. Every gold seller gets a permanent ban, it's up to players to report the encounters they have with them with a screenshot.
  6. Quite interesting to say the least.
  7. You must have not played on a private server before then hehe.
  8. Aggro radius jeste malo veći nego što bi trebao da bude. Naš dev tim je upoznat sa tom situacijom te će u budućnosti biti popravljeno. Kada, to ne znam.
  9. The winner of the competition is Orthrin. Congratulations.
  10. Hello everyone! We have decided to expand the emoji lineup on our official discord server and we want the community to be involved in the choosing of which emojis will be added. As such we have decided to make this our first Forum event. Rules of the event: - You can submit up to five emojis. - At least two must be themed arround OmegaWoW. - Winning the competition does not guarantee your non-OmegaWow related emojis to be implemented. - The size ratios of submitted emojis must be from 32x32px up to 128x128px and it must be under 256kb. - Having white background on submitted emojis is not advised. The winner will be chosen 17th of February at 18pm CET. The reward for winning will be a chunk of Omega Coins™️, being featured on our official channels and of course your emojis being ussed on our Discord server. Wesscer
  11. Don't judge a guild based on one of their members that you had an unfortunate encounter with. That can affect the guilds reputation wich should not be determined by one player. Instead you should have sent a GM ticket explaining the situation while providing the nessessary evidence in the form of screenshots or video footage uploaded via sites such as imgur.com and the GMs would solve your issue.
  12. Jack

    End Game

    Nisam baš upoznat sa tim aspektom jwc-a pošto nisam tu profesiju obradjivao još od 2011 ali tačno je da epic gemovi nisu još dostupni.
  13. Jack

    End Game

    Pozdrav svima! Zanima nas da li se naši igrači susreću sa poteškoćama na max levelu koje mi možemo da otklonimo a da pri tome stanje servera ostane blizzlike i fer prema svima? Dakle, pišite nam kakve probleme pronalazite u igri te vaša prijedloge za otklanjanje istih. Jack
  14. Jack


    Yes, some time after the realm first races have been compleated the option to purchase a level boost will be added. However that service will only provide a lvl 60 or possibly lvl 70 character.