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  1. Greetings The disciplinary actions we did were followed by careful investigation. even if you or your Lil "brother" using a bug it is still bannable. If you discover an exploit on the server (for example mobs respawning unnaturally fast, resulting in being able to amass gold at alarming rates, or an item that has brokenly overpowered effects, or an item that lets you fly around the Vanilla world or lets you fight while mounted when it shouldn't) your responsibility is to immediately report it to the OmegaWoW staff. Continuously exploiting the bug can result anywhere from a 7-day ban to a PERMANENT one. this time the account banned for 5 days. we will monitor it afterward and if it happens again all the accounts and IP will get banned permanently.
  2. Bordoo

    Ban Appeal

    Greetings you were banned because your character was just behaving like a bot .one of our staff members were following you for quite time and asked you a question even. if you have any proof we wrongly punished you please contact me thro discord.
  3. Bordoo


    your ban reason wasnt about only not answering the Gm in game. you were banned because you've been followed by our Gms for 30 minutes and your character behavior was just like a gathering Bot. and btw How hard was that to answer a Big pudge with a Blizzard sign near his Every single chat line ." i dont mind that pg was a gm" well technically thats what every bot does after asking to answer a simple question. Sorry but your ban appeal was not convincing AT All. if you have any proof like any screenshot about you going dungeon or raid or bg with you character please send it to me thro discord till then this account will remain closed.
  4. Bordoo


    please write your character name + account name correctly
  5. Side Note: Any punishment that can be applied to an IP address as well, are applied to an IP address and not only to a character or an account. This means that if you share your IP address with other people, for instance when you live in the same house with someone else who plays on OmegaWoW or when you play at a local internet cafe, you risk getting your accounts closed as well when another person on the same IP address gets banned. Therefore, we strongly advise never to share your IP address with other people, but if that is simply not possible then be very sure you can trust those other people with your IP address. Either way, in case of a permanent ban you can never use the excuse that it was someone else on your IP address who violated the rules, period! everything is already written in the In-Game Code of Conduct as you see . how ever we decided to give you another chance.your punishment decreased to 7 days . your account will be monitored .and if you do it again you will get permanant ban on all of your accounts and your ip.
  6. Tp hacker banned .thanks for your report
  7. Bordoo

    Ban Appeal

    Greetings Telioz we unbanned your account but we will monitor it.
  8. Bordoo

    Ban Appeal

    Greetings Botting is forbidden and will result in permanent bans on all accounts and IPs. however, we decided to give you another chance. your ban duration was reduced to 7 days. wishing you a speedy recovery.
  9. Bordoo

    [Ban Appeal] Slave

    Greetings, The reason why the ban took place was simply that you have been followed for a whole hour. The disciplinary actions we did were followed by careful investigation, thus this account will stay closed until proven otherwise. If you, however, have proof that will vouch for your story, please submit it to me via discord or direct message on the forum. Best regards, Senior GM Bordoo
  10. qual é o nome do seu personagem no jogo? A língua oficial do OmegaWoW é o inglês. por favor, fale em inglês
  11. Bordoo

    Account Banned

    your account was banned in 2019-05-24 at 22:38:46. for botting. Botting is forbidden and will result in permanent bans on all accounts and IP.this account will remain closed.
  12. greetings you've been banned for using racist words to another player. we unbanned you now but if you repeat this kind of behavior your next punishment will be permanent mute.
  13. greetings we received some videos about your suspicious activity in the arena. you were invisible in that arena. Those arena orbs you are talking about only giving you more skill to find someone in stealth not to disappear. this account will remain closed.
  14. greetings you've been banned because you were behaving like a bot. we unbanned you for now but your account will be monitored.
  15. Bordoo


    greetings you banned because your character behavior was just like bots. all of our disciplinary actions follow the careful investigation. however, if you have screenshots or any proof please send them via direct-message to me thro discord.