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  1. Zuggy

    Recruit a friend

    This was most likely because of the exp event that was active throughout the last week. Yes you can. "Not Active" refers to recruit a boost (a premium double exp feature purchasable in the shop) not recruit a friend.
  2. There are no rules against ninja-ing yet. However it's been said on the discord that the anti-ninja system should be coming out this month.
  3. The feature is account wide.
  4. Log in using your username instead of email.
  5. If this is true and 2 of you didn't vote yes then the vote didn't go through and tank just left on his own.
  6. Zuggy

    Cross-Faction Email

    Just like you would send any other mail,
  7. Make a ticket and a GM will unmute you.
  8. Zuggy


    I have an addon that should fix the issue with posting items dm me on discord and i can send it to you. If you can't find me just @Zuggy in any omegawow discord channel.
  9. This was a great idea.
  10. What looting system are you guys going to be using ?