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  1. All people playing pvp to get their pvp offparts will play wintergrasp for honor points. Usually players have the wg badges much faster than the honor points, so in the end touching the wg badges has no impact at all, besides players feeling robbed. With x2 rates players can buy the new ring after 3 wg wins, so they can buy everything they want within the first one or two days anyway. The ilvl of the new wg rewards is 232, so like the previous pvp set, so its not even that impactful. Its not that players will do wg more or less often with the change. Not keeping it blizzlike here does more harm than good. My overall recommandations for seasonal transitions and changes: 1. Honor points next season x3 (instead of x2) or fixing wg honor gain 2. Double arena points gained each flush 3. PvP ladder visible for at least top 20 ranks 4. 3v3 rewards are useless with a small pvp community, so effort here is wasted 5. Only remove arena points and keep the rest blizzlike (dont remove other currencies) It cant be done any better for a short season like the upcoming one. And lets be honest, the current transition is a full fiesta, every day things change (at least most of the time for the better). We have had like 5 or 6 different announcements/statements regarding the season end and currently most players are more confused than informed.
  2. Im positive that 3v3 will never work as an active bracket on this server with the current population of arena players. In 2v2 there are barely enough teams to fill the queue, on most hours of the day noone is even queueing at all. If 3v3 would be much more rewarding than 2v2 and the playerbase splits to both brackets, non of them will be active enough for regular games and competition. Its common knowledge that 3v3 on privat servers is not as popular as 2v2 and even on servers with 5-10 times the population of Omegawow, 3v3 is not actively played. The custom quest for bonus rewards to increase regular arena activity are a good idea and might be considered for the 2v2 bracket to increase overall activity.
  3. Thanks for your reply. With an arena season with only half the length of the original one (s7 was 20 weeks on retail) it only makes sense to give twice the amount of arena points or double the flushes. Otherwise, like in this season, most players will never get their gear before season ends. I like to hear a clear information regarding honor points too. What is still unclear for me is the refund issue. The solution you are mentioning doesnt do anything regarding the problem. If you just reset the points, items are still refundable. As soon as players get their points resetted, they can go to the next vendor and sell refundable items. Even if you wait for a week, it doesnt change anything. If you reset the points twice (e.g. at the end of the season and at the start of the new one) players could still refund items, as long as they have played less then 2 hours within that week. What you need to do is to make items unrefundable at the same time you reset the arena points. There is no need for a break of a week regarding this issue.
  4. The following post is a contribution of the player Eltupi, who is currently unable to create a forum account, since there is no validation email. Hello guys. First of all the reward and end of season announcement came kinda surprising. In my opinion announcing the end just 1.5 weeks before the actual end is too short of a time for the arena teams to get to their desired rating etc. But this post isn't supposed to be about that. About the 3v3 bracket: 1. The 5th best team in 3v3 is literally a team that played 10 games ONCE (and won all of those) which should show just how dead the bracket is overall. 2. Even the 4th (nice name btw) and 3rd team are only marginally above that rating and therefore haven't played much more games as well. 3. Since I've seen how 3v3 is played on this server I would basically call it soft wintrading - as it is on most low populations servers. Because you literally have to search for opponents yourself and tell these to queue up. This is usually done just for 10 games and fine for that but now that there are titles in 3s it becomes problematic. If you have to tell guild mates or friends to queue up 3s - while knowing their gear and skill - just to get a queue to pop the ladder is many things, but definitely not competitive. Due to the very low population in this bracket it becomes also insanely easy to dodge someone. Because even if u see someone playing 3s (which is rare enough) and want to que into the two teams doing "friendly 10 games" between each other the "high" rated team can easily stop queing if they feel challenged by your team - mostly without even playing against the better team because their mmr is higher than the start mmr. Thus there are literally zero competitive games in this bracket. Dodging is already in higher rated 2s problematic but in 3s it is impossible to get good games due to the activity in this bracket. Conclusion: While points 1 and 2 already show how dead the bracket is in first place point 3 demonstrates that the bracket is far away from being competitive and therefore there should be literally no rewards for this bracket. Since I don't want to just state the bad thing I would also like to make some ideas for solutions. While I don't think the 3v3 bracket is fixable this season it may be possible to at least shift the focus somewhat to it in the upcoming. - You could host a small tournament between the top 4 or 8 teams in the bracket at the end of the season to determinate the best teams which should get rewards (prob only top 1,2 or 3 teams). This may be still doable because as already said everyone interested can easily play in the top 5 with like 10 games atm. But it is probably still a bad idea for this season because it wasn't announced early enough. - For the next season you could implement a daily/weekly quest (or every other day) which requires you to play 10 3v3 games (and maybe win like 2-3 of those). The reward for this quest should be: 25-50 arena points, maybe 3k honor and 1-2 of the best available PvE Badge to get some of the PvE player base to participate in the bracket. - Make some items 3v3-raiting only or/and make the rating requirement in 3s way smaller because the rating will still stay lower than in 2v2. You could also (maybe) implement some PvE-Items (maybe just badge rewards) to be obtainable with arena points and a 3v3 rating. - You could also double or triple the arena point rewards in 3v3 because since the ratings are way lower as they are in 2s it is not worth for any PvP player to play 3s instead of 2s because you get less arena points.
  5. We got the information that 3.2, the ToC patch, is released this month. While this is not a bad thing in itself, Id like to point out why this is problematic. WE NEED MORE INFORMATION The reason is, limited information is harmful to a project like this. It is already July, so the new patch could hit any day, even today. This causes players to feel unmotivated. Why should someone invest time to farm honor items or pve badges right now, when these items have to be replaced with the new honor and badge-items with the new patch? Why play weekly arena matches and save points for an item, if these points could get resetted any time? For arena players this situation is even more problematic. No player has full pvp gear from arena yet. We are only halfway in the arena season, but it could end any day. This season is active for less than 10 weeks, while there were 18 weeks on retail for season 6 (which was one of the shortest seasons in wrath). There is no information about when the season ends, when the new one will start, what placements result in which titles, if the season transition issues from last season got fixed. There only is uncertainty that results in losing trust. What if the next arena season will only be 10 weeks again? Does it even make sense to play arena, if players can only buy 2 or 3 items anyway over the whole season? As said, less information and communication is harmful for a project. These questions need to be answered ASAP 1. When will the new content be released? Players at least need to know the week. 2. What is the new timeline for releases of content patches? 3. What are the plans for arena titles for the current season, so which placement will get which title? 4. Will honor points get resetted again, although its not blizzlike? 5. Are the developers aware of the issue that pvp-items were refundable after the reset of arena points last season or is it fixed yet? These questions were asked many times without being answered. These can have two reasons. Either the responsible persons do have the answers, but dont want to inform the players, or they simply dont have the answers to these questions. The latter would be even worse, since it proves the players fear that the team doesnt care enough about their community to discuss these questions. Either way, the players need information or else the server will have no future, at least pvp-wise.
  6. Happy

    SoloQ arena.

    During the last season transition players got no (or false) information regarding reset of pvp currency. When new pvp gear was introduced, old items were still refundable, what they obviously should be, and resulted in players having more currency at the start of the new season than others. The PvP arena ladder still show only the top 5 teams with not much more info, although most other projects and even retail back in the day had much more detailed ladders. The new pvp arena rewards for sigil of domination emblems on the homepage are far too cheap and everyone who plays arena gets them within days, with no further motivation to work towards a reward. While I personally like the idea of introducing pvp weapons for non arena players (or at least without rating requirements), there are many unfinished savage items in the vendor list, that are missing the most important stats (like spellpower on caster onehand weapons) or are even completely without effect. These issues are know by players, but there isnt much information from the team if they are aware of these issues and if they are willing to address them. That said, many players get a negative impression because of this. We, as players, dont know if the team is unwilling or not able to discuss and address these issues. Therefore the main issue might be communication.
  7. Players start to dodge when they see they cant win after a match, not because someone is high rated. Seeing a high rated team is usually even more encouraging because you can gain more when you win and wont lose much if you dont. With friendlists and alts on different accounts on the other faction and /who list, anyone can dodge or snipe as they like. A ladder on a homepage is common and supports arena activity and rivalry, rather than stopping players from playing against each other. The arena ladder on retail has been there since the dawn of time. You might check this link: http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/214801-old-arena-ladders/ The link proves that arena ladders were available in the armory even in tbc.
  8. Is the fix live yet? Because the bug with the arena frames is still there. Update: Worked fine today, since the arena spectator was disabled
  9. It is in every players interest to see a detailed arena ladder. Anyone opening the tab is interested about either hks or the arena ladder. The only two reasons for this change i can think of are either the aim of having more organized overview over the pvp statistics or that in their opinion the arena activity of the top 25 teams is not high enough to openly display it.
  10. Gladius uses the Blizzard arena unit frames. Commands with [@arena1] aren't using gladius as reference, but the usual arena unit frames. Whenever the Blizzard arena unit frames bug out, gladius does too.
  11. Hi there, there is an issue with resetting the pvp currency. 1. Honor points (minor issue) Honor points were resetted now, but this is not intended by Blizzard to reset honor points within an expansion. The Honor cap existed more or less only for the purpose that players could keep some of their work. In advance most players were not aware the honor points were going to be resetted. This might be due to a lack of clear information. 2. Refund Items (huge issue) Items that were refundable are still refundable (within their 2hour return time window). Usually when a new season starts all PvP items should be not refundable. This causes players to not only have more honor than other players, that is usually capped at 75k, it also grants players an advantage in arena points if they had refundable items prepared. Conclusion Its regrettable that honor points were resetted. It should be announced for future arena season transitions if honor will be resetted again or not. Arena points need to be resetted again RIGHT NOW and all pvp-items need be made unrefundable at the same time. The only reason for a pvp currency reset is to make sure that noone has an advantage of arena points.