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  1. tomas1983

    Brainstorming for Gold Seller Problem

    how about tracking down wich characters hold the gold , wich chars are the farmers , monitor them and instead of banning them , just take their gold away if they sell gold for this server that means they must control a bunch of characters that farm said gold on this server if u ban those characters they just make new accounts and do it again , an endless battle , but if u track em and monitor them u can make them uneffective , if u keep deleting all their gold , they wont have any to sell to potential customers if u ban them right away they also lose their gold , but then they just make new accounts and chars and do it again and u might not know which chars are the farmers this way , u can keep tabs on their accounts and characters and just keep deleting all their gold , ofcourse once they have proven without a doubt they are indeed goldfarmers/sellers.just frustrate them and destroy their bussiness , botters and goldsellers are used to getting banned , they account for it , but i bet they arent ready to be dealt with this way !
  2. tomas1983

    Brainstorming: Bot Gatherers

    how about not banning the bots but taking all their gains away , let them farm for a day , then delete their stuff , and if possible technicly , broadcast their names in worlchat , and set honor points bounties on them , so other people have an incentive to hunt them down and kill them , or maybe omega points for killing bots becuz i played on alot of private servers and there will always be bots , it will always be a battle to ban them all the time , maybe if u do it this way people that wanna bot and see how server deals with it , they wouldnt bot there ofc i wouldnt know how to implement that or if its even possible , but the dedicated botting people will always bot , no matter how many times they get banned they will find a way. So why not frustrate them at every turn , let them farm to their hearts content , but intercept all their auctions and mails and clear their bags at regular intervals , i mean ofc AFTER they have been identified as bots without a doubt , then let them continue on but without making any money , let them play on but like i said intercept all their mails/auctions , and when they go offline delete all items in bags and bank and delete their gold , and let them start over , then do it again 🙂
  3. tomas1983


    hi rebecca are you by any chance a shemale ? might sound like a very personal question but since you brought up the subject of your penis yourself , i thought it wouldnt be out of place ( the question , not the penis) ill have u know i love shemales 🙂
  4. tomas1983

    Hallo hallo!

    Hoi tyreal , ben ook nederlander , uit Nijmegen verder geen vragen of problemen , gewoon ff dag zeggen 🙂 groeten Tomas