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  1. Cry me a river. There's some on auction house. We all farm shiz that way... You can make suggestion to increase drop rate. Or make sure you farming on best possible spot.
  2. Welcome! Hope you have a great time here. And i hope you chose the right faction =p
  3. people don't wanna que BG, let alone arenas... no matter the pop. Look at 3v3 ladder... 2v2 aint much better
  4. kek, yea, There's a "slight" chance it won't work with email address 😃 Anyhow, hope to see you in-game soon!
  5. Go to your wow folder, and try starting it from WoW.exe or smth. Not Launcher. And make sure your realmist is set correct.
  6. i doubt arenas are ever going to be active "as they should be". besides, only point of that gear in wotlk is transmog. So i agree, it shouldn't be easily obtained. But 1900 or so rating in 2s, is a bit much. And paying arena points you also need for hateful gear is just no-no for me at least..
  7. i don't mind doing arenas, just cost of arena points. Imo, keep arena rating requirement, just place it at honor cost once you reach that rating =p
  8. alliance? we are not friends anymore! just kidding. Idk priests on alliance, but if there's too many holy ones, you can always go disco. Or in real dire need, Shadow. But in my opinion, what i see the least are shaman healers. Paladins, there's way too many of them (being one myself). And there's nice amount of druids. Again, speaking mostly from horde point of view. (pvp wise, pls don't play healer, they got too many of those)
  9. Hello. I'm also working full time, and i get on time on all raids. If you get in a nice guild, there will be a raid for you, always. You can always get some pug raid, if there's none in guild, and as far as i can see, on world chat there's more and more pugs happening. Specially in Obsidian Sanctum and VoA. This is progressive server, so as content gets released, you have plenty of time to catch up. For casual playing, it's perfect, i can assure you.
  10. Fifi


    Welcome to awesome server. About sneaking part... well, good luck for sure. Just remember, sap is your best friend xD
  11. Fifi


    Welcome! I'm sure you're gonna find guilds you can roleplay with here. You are going to like people here, i'm sure.
  12. treehugaaaah! Welcome back!
  13. Hello and Welcome! i was exactly the same thinking, when i saw Omega coming back, i had to come back here. See you ingame soon!