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  1. Paounn

    Ninja Reporting Criteria

    I see your point, but. Who decides what is my main spec? Is it based on the "primary"/"secondary" talent? Is it the one with better gear, so the moment I get one lucky upgrade for either my main spec suddenly changes? Will there be the "most long and complete list of players and their specialization, as recorded by Noxious"? Can I get a signed copy of it, for posterity? On a serious note, I have something that resembles a solution, but not sure how feasable it is, on the technical and "philosophical" point: have the random queue NOT give you ID for the dungeon you random get ported in, so that with enough (un)luck you can be stuck running through culling of stratholme over and over and over, you'll still get locked for it; moreover, if you feel it's necessary to prevent abuses, un-link specific and random queues (read: I just queue random, a bunch of friend of mine, one at a time, try to force a specific dungeon, and even then it's not like one can mobilize an army to farm the same dungeon ad nauseam).
  2. Paounn

    Ninja looter - Famous 80 druid tank.

    Would you rather NOT have tanks? Because if tanking was my off spec, and if I were to do most of my dungeons as such while not being able to roll for the spec I have interest to play (hint: not tanking), why would I even give you and three other people a queue? I'd just make a premade with friend/guildies and get rid of the problem (and from the tank PoV, YOU are the problem). Moreover, the "you can only roll for the spec you get selected as" has never been a rule. Anywhere. It might be a custom, a gentlemen agreement, but it has never been enforced in any way, shape, or form. And for good reason, since if you do, besides the random tank or two that is still gearing or really enjoys the role, the whole RDF system will grind to an halt. Else, we risk getting the level of toxicity of "hey peeps, I'm rolling for $spec, if you have a problem with it feel free to look for another tank"? Not to mention, it's bloody RDF, you'll get a shoot at it tomorrow, and it's an item with stats that benefits his class. It's not a death knight rolling on wizard gear.
  3. Paounn

    Cant run the game

    just to be sure, check the config.wtf in /wtf and make sure there aren't set realmlists lines in there
  4. Paounn

    Ninja Reporting Criteria

    On spirit: all cloth and leather caster have a mechanic that allows them to convert 30 to 50% of spirit into a different stat, be it spellpower or crit. It doesn't make a item with 30 haste 30 spirit better than a 30 haste 30 crit. But that's the theorycrafter talking. Thus said, is an enhance-resto shaman barred to need on agility mail because he rolled heal while queueing as both? What about the feral tank collecting boomie gear? Because in a situation like that, both players will think at least twice before queueing for dungeons as the spec they don't need gear for. Anyone cares to guess what happens when tanks and healers stop queueing? I do believe being ninjaed in a dungeon is annoying. Hell, I spent months not healing party member from a specific guild in dungeons and raids, just because one of them ninjaed me a weapon. But I feel it's a necessary evil to keep, giving the state of the expansion.
  5. Paounn

    Change language

    Try checking the config file in /wtf/ , you might have a set locale enUS line and if it's read only the configuration changes you make on the client don't get registered