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  1. Lipstick

    About DUALboxing

    Quote from the In-Game Code of Conduct : Multiboxing is not allowed in any instance. Multiboxing will generally result in one of the accounts being perma-banned. By multiboxing we mean having two or more accounts logged in at the same by the same person and used for leveling, dungeon runs, PvP etc. Dual-logging is allowed. You can play on one account and at the same time be logged on another to check AH, trade etc. So, unfortunately, the answer for you is : not allowed for leveling. It is just allowed to log on 2 accounts, stay afk on one to just check AH or something like that- and lvl on the other one.
  2. Lipstick

    Suggestions #3 | Forum Improvements

    Please add an armory ❤️
  3. Lipstick

    Weapon and Profession skillups

    Seems fine to me too. Even tho you hit 80 without your weapon skill maxed out, you can just go and farm few mobs to hit the skillmax. You'll even earn some golds while doing so :)
  4. Lipstick

    A few questions.

    Hi ! Yes it is. RaF features are only 1-60 tho. Cya ig
  5. Lipstick

    Joueurs français

    Yo Pareil pour moi. Je cherche aussi et surtout des gens pour arène (2v2 et 3v3). See you ig !