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    Providing "exclusive features" which are altering the game mechanics and can not obtainable by in-game labor is considered pay-to-win. It does not have to be an item. Learn about the concept you are talking about before commenting on it.
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    you can just put him on ignore and it solves the problem instantly. You have the tools to moderate yourself, use them.
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    Greetings Omega, I cannot begin to express how happy I am what you guys are back! I also like what you've done with the place... I've been playing here since 2010 - the "old guard" could know my (fairly) inept PvP hunter Capella or my (totally) inept PvE paladin Avalon. I had some unforgettable time in this place and this community. Met a lot of friends here, with some of whom we still keep in touch so many years later. Also, in the autumn of 2012, while selling glyphs in front of allies's bank in Dalaran, I met a girl who later became my wife. We are now expecting our second child, having a life none of us dreamed of back then. It was made all possible because of this place, so we cant help but feel sentimental about it. We are back - my wife and I, currently getting our asses farmed in STV by horde 🙂 We will not be able to partake in any high-level PvE or PvP due to RL and babies but we are both happy and privileged to be a part of this community in any capacity possible. Warmest regards from my Omega-made family:
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    Make an ingame ticket and a GM will unmute you.
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    Account/Character Name: mlex3000/ AmbergaldWhen you discovered that you are banned?: few minutes agoBan Reason (Ask GM for reason before posting appeal): just get banned due to asking for kick from dungeon (black fathom deeps). Your explanation: I asked about that due to not receving ANY exp from mobs there. I was at level 30, rest of the team around 23. In my opinion there isnt any point in finishing that dungeon, thats why I asked for.kick ( didnt want to.receive deserter). Whats more - I refused to que up for another person after the one just left. Then- just got.message that I am doing something called RDF hostages. to be honest: 16hours ban is nothing. But I fell.kinda sad that I got banned for things like that. Didnt know that rule at all. The easiest way to.solve the problem.was kicking me. Instead of that I get reported and banned. Would.like to ask about changing this rule. My behaviour wasnt.like ' I dont want do.this.dungeon, I dont like it' but It was likea ' I dont want do this dungeon cause.I dont.get any reward in.experience' Proof of innocence (If you have any): I couldnt make any screens, the ban was so fast :))
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    Hello there folks! I wanted to make a quick forum topic, that I have brought my guild to this server. We used to be very huge on another server, but got bored and decided to start playing WOTLK here! So hope to see you alliance scums corpses lying on the floor and keep the horde progressing! Hope to see you all and have a blast! 😄
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    As we all know, PvP is still not doing great. Most of the PvPers are on Alliance, with the Horde showing little participation in PvP activities. For that, we are taking the first 3 steps (in a long list of steps) to promote PvP activity. Step 1: Restricted transfers from Alliance to Horde We will enable transfers from Alliance to Horde for select people who wish to do so. The requirement is simple: - Have over 2000 honorable kills. Make sure to mention you're doing a "PVP TRANSFER" in your ticket or you won't be transferred. Step 2: Reduce Omega Point prices of Transmogrification tokens when PvP activity increases to a healthy level Currently, the tokens are priced as follows: - Armor token: 20 Omega Points - Weapon token: 45 Omega Points Once we have determined PvP is stable enough to provide healthy competition, the prices will be reduced as follows: - Armor token: 15 Omega Points - Weapon token: 40 Omega Points Step 3: Wintergrasp Attendance Cap Wintergrasp will only allow a maximum of 60 people on each faction during the battle. Step 4: Cross-faction Battlegrounds (CURRENTLY DEFUNCT DUE TO EXPLOITS) Cross-faction battlegrounds will become active Friday morning. Please report any potential bugs you might find. We will be monitoring Horde activity in those Battlegrounds to see if it spikes up with this change. Step 5: Omega Points Temp. Boost Fifth arena win of the day will offer 5 Omega Points (was 2). First Battleground win of the day will offer 4 Omega Points (was 2). Once we see the effect of these steps, we will move on to further changes to promote PvP depending on need. We also have something planned to increase arena activity.
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    Hey guys! Today I'd like to showcase one of our new features coming with the launch of OmegaWoW: The Omega System. The Omega System will be replacing the antiquated voting system, complete with its own shop. We looked at the voting system and came to the conclusion its effectiveness in 2019 is not enough to keep it around; people would rather check social media for finding out the right server for them instead of a weird website full of banners. With that in mind, we wanted to keep the reward system of the shop, but needed to figure out a way to acquire the points. So, we looked inwards, to the game itself. Without further ado, here's how you'll acquire Omega Points: 1 point - Every 3 hours of played time 1 point - First dungeon of the day 3 points - End boss of the most current raid 4 points - First battleground win of the day 5 points - Fifth arena win of the day Those numbers can be changed in the future, but for now, this'll be the only way on launch (and for a while after) to attain points. We'll have the shop up & running this coming week, so you can start planning what you want to gather points for first! Kind regards, The OmegaWoW Staff