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    I don't get it how faction with way more people keeps losing WG. Instead of trying to find solutions, buffs, etc. why don't more of Horde players come to WG and actually participate in it? Why do Alliance players need to suffer from buffs to tenacity if it's Horde players' bad for not even trying to motivate and participate in WG? You mean You wanna win WG 20v100, and to do that You want more buffs? Hell no. Try to actually find a group of players who want to do WG, if You don't do that - Just keep losing. Or change faction. Cheers.
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    Welcome on the forums, boi!
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    Level 10 chat limit is a good idea. The time limit is just overcome by AFKing which requires no effort. Perhaps one of the biggest things to stop gold selling is a zero tolerance approach to gold buying. Ban players found to be buying gold. Explicitly state this in the terms. A few other ideas (I'm not reasonably expecting you to try them all, they are just ideas)... Block text only mails - it's no effort to send a trivial item with a genuine message but to spam message like that would become a real chore Audit player names - look through nonsense character names, e.g. asdfgasdfga, should be treated as suspicious and examined Hard limit on text only mails - 2 per hour level 10+, 5 per hour level 20+, unlimited level 40+ (in over a decade of playing WoW live I've never needed to send vast numbers of text only mails, even as a guild master) Audit vendor generated cash - players earning more than a certain amount of gold from vending items in a day should be treated as suspicious and examined Mail spam report auto bans - Mails flagged as spam by other players, e.g. more that 5 different player reports in an hour, should be disconnected and receive an automatic 24 hour ban on the account. Accounts flagged as such treated as suspicious and examined As above but for duplicate text emails - e.g. mails with identical body text to other characters that are not friends, alts and guild mates Limit known gold farming instances that can be run by a character and account per day - Using activity of known gold farmers/sellers, limit the instances they use to farm gold to a certain number (I cannot state exactly what number, but you'll already have an idea of how many instances a typical gold farmer/seller runs) Audit gold received by mail - Friends, guilds and alts should be deemed normal, all else treated as suspicious and examined Audit gold owned - Honest players hoarding gold do exist, but start examining accounts that have acquired large amounts of gold in a short amount of time or have gold above a certain threshold There are quite a few things that can be done, some more complicated and time consuming than others, that can automate the flagging of suspicious accounts. I will not pretend it is easy but anything you can do that makes it less likely for gold sellers to fly under the radar. Making it more burdensome for them to operate on your server than it is for you to stop them, WITHOUT impacting genuine players, is key.
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    Will ignore him too, and i'll try to convince guild members to do the same. Players with such behavior should be banished from community itself.
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    Hello. There is no Blizzard Rule that was broken. I agree, there is a "community / unwritten rule" not to ninja other classes' gear. Basically, if you play Tank and another one plays dps and you both roll NEED on a tank item and the other person wins, then that person has to give it to you...as you're MAIN spec and the other is OFF Spec. As a rule of thumb, if you need an item for offspec, you must press NEED so the item won't get Desenchanted. If you look, some players pressed DESENCHANT so that other player was obliged to press need to prevent item desenchanting. I know how bad it is when you only need 1-2 items and you have to farm those specific dungeons. I remember habing to stay in queue as tank ~ 30 mins in VH and AN queue (specific queue) so that I will have the ONLY right to press need on the tanking trinkets. In conclusion, if that person did NOT say "hey, I will roll need on X/Y item as it's the last one I need" and just did it..it's bad behavior towards the community and players. For example, I tanked @ lvl 80 dozens of dungeons. First I geared my tanking spec then I was rolling need for dps items, but I always said "I will roll for dps spec as main spec" and let every1 know from beginning.
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    I have 15 warning points. which means, watch the fuck out and leave me alone.
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    -Horde has more population. ...say 60/40 split. However that does not discount alliance, especially since alliance dominates wintergrasp which may be important for you in terms of PvP or easy profession farming. -I play alliance so I say warlocks are kind of rare, but if your comfortable playing a wide variety of specs/classes then I would recommend a druid/pally because theres always 1 spec from those classes needed, even if the raid has a million boomkins or ret pallies -Now is the perfect time to start, the population is STILL GROWING, which means you willl be able to RDF and find new players in the world, as well as capped players are making and leveling alts now. While the raids have been cleared, its not a big deal because they are easy and you can fit yourself into many pick up groups easily. Get in before Ulduar, which is several months away.
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    Welcome back ! Hope to see you in more PvP events :)
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    1. Make sure you created a HP-Acc (Ingame-Acc) https://omegawow.eu/register and not a Forum-Acc. 2. Start from WoW.exe not the wowlauncher 3. check ur realmlist again
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    Ah, crybaby from WG :))))
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    Cry me a river. There's some on auction house. We all farm shiz that way... You can make suggestion to increase drop rate. Or make sure you farming on best possible spot.
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    ye fak it now 😄
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    Hello player with character name Mehrshad refuse to heal dungeon because he cant have item for DIS since tank need it for spec. I dont want to play with people like this. Please consider a punishment to avoid these kind of people from start. Regards Restraint
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    1- if he/she can teleport out of the dungeon to continue questing/leveling its not the case 2- not the case 3- not the case ---- If someone refuses to continue in activity(dungeon) unless we give him item he didnt win (because he need to skill up his/her enchant skill) or asking to be kicked for not to recieve penalty de-buff for leaving, i can say about that player nothing less than toxic. These kind of behavior i will not tolerate and hunt and report every time i see it.
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    so you want to reward horde in WG for not giving a damn?
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    People may refuse to cooperate in rdf they can't be punished by staff because of this reason. For several reasons; 1 - You can never know if he is disrupted by irl action. 2 - He/she may be randomly assigned in a team with bad relations. 3 - Nobody performing equal amount of effort or gs nobody has to carry someone in dungeons. Reasons could be extended but I think that's enough to convince. On the other hand as a player, you may simply ignore this player and inform other players about him but again its matter of trust.