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    I’m keeping this short, you’ll understand why. Back when Omegawow originally launched Untamed was undoubtedbly THE PvP guild. Untamed has been reborn. Are you a PvP player who is too lazy to grind endless weekly raids or daily dungeons, who cares only about PvPing (from rbg and duels to arenas), then Untamed is a right fit for you. We’ve started as a group of oldies playing Decades, and decided we’re opening our doors to new people as well, rather than staying a small friends-only guild. The purpose of Untamed is to form a guild who focuses on top 20 arenas. Come join us if you want a guild in which you can find potential future partners. We are also too lazy to host a guild website or whatnot. Therefore; contact Kefkoe or Desbobis ingame for info/questions/invite handling. Are they offline? —> Contact other guild members, perhaps an officer is logged on an alt. P.s.: Returning players and socials are also welcome of course.
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    Transmog needs to not be behind a paywall. It deters a lively transmog culture on the server with players gathering gear and looking their finest as well as a good trade in auction house transmog gear. Also what is with your dubious payment processors? I would have donated long ago if you used paypal, but I do not trust and would never use any of the methods currently offered.
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    Few days ago I saw this on world chat. I think this is unacceptable.
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    The thing they do might be considered as disrespectful to you and you are free to ignore them. However, expecting them to be punished is a totally different thing. I think, this, political correctness issue needs to be ended. Because of one simple reason, religion is not an objective thing to discuss. If your faith is totally opposing to the others, saying respect my religion is not really solving any problem at all. People make fun of Jesus, people make fun of Buddha, people make fun of anything that is potentially sacred to anyone. Nobody is overreacting it, but in the case of Allah, you are expecting some kind of privilege, which is really open-ended. For instance, I could say my religion is potato and I expect from you to respect my religion. Does it legitimize for me to expect to ban for whose talking disrespectfully to potato? If you say yes, nobody could say anything because everything could be claimable as sacred by anyone. If you say no, you are simply asking for the privilege for your religion. Humans have rights, not ideas.
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    World of Warcraft did not have xmog until 4.3 if memory serves. It's like an optional feature in a car. You pay extra if you want it, you don't ask for extra money if you don't want one. Not to mention, having people pay for xmog would be a good way to reduce inflation!
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    - Fix crash when spectator is entering arena from outdoor pvp zone. - Fix blood pool position in Blood is Thicker quest. - Fix Seaforium Depth Charge sometimes failing because of combat (Bury those Cockroaches quest). - Roanauk Icemist script corrections (shouldn't get stuck randomly). - Players will auto attack when they have queued heroic strike/cleave and not enough rage for it. - Vesperon aura (Twilight Torment) won't target pets. - Explosive Trap damage won't be updated dynamically. - Conflagrate delay reduced. - Corrections to threat generated by Replenishment and Innervate. - Properly update player data on restore. - Corrections to chain pulling. - Another try to fix arena frames - Razorgore script rewrite. - Fix Illidan elementals going crazy. - Fix event after 'The Love Potion' quest. - Fix for dissapearing pets. - Fix Savagery proccing on other spells than Savage Rend. - Fix Glyph of Scourge strike not refreshing all three diseases sometimes. - Correct spawns for "The Echo of Ymiron" quest. - Add missing Stormjewel drop from fishing bags. - Fix RaF mob xp when one person dies. - Fix deleting two items in same slot when new one appears after deleting first one. - Savage Weapons have been introduced into the game. They will cost 68k honor and have no rating requirement. We hope this will function as catch-up gear for those who haven't yet started PvP-ing due to the gear barrier set up by Blizzard's archaic system. - Deadly Weapons have be re-introduced into the game. They will cost 16,800 honor and 475 arena points, with no rating required. - Furious Back slot items require no arena rating and cost 60k honor. - Furious Chests rating reduced by 50 points. - Furious Helms rating reduced by 50 points and cost reduced by 150 arena points. - Furious Legs rating reduced by 100 points. - Furious Boots rating reduced by 100 points. - Furious Rings require no arena rating and cost 52k honor. - Furious Gloves rating reduced by 200 points. - Furious Neck items require no arena rating and cost 49,600 honor. - Furious Wands, Idols, Librams, Sigils, Totems and Thrown cost 12k honor, 700 arena points, and have had their rating reduced to 1350. - Furious Belts require 50 less arena rating, and cost 39400 honor. - Furious Bracers require no rating, and cost 43330 honor. Any other items not mentioned above have not had any changes done to them. The current rating curve now looks as such: - Cloak, Ring, Necklace, Bracers: 0 - Thrown, Wands, Librams, Totems, Sigils, Idols: 1350 - Hands, Feet, Waist: 1400 - Legs: 1600 - Chest: 1700 - Head: 1850 - T1 Weapons: 1850 (unchanged) - Shoulders: 2050 (unchanged) - T2 Weapons: 2350 (unchanged)
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    You were flagged by our automated anti-spam system. I have unmuted you 😉 The system is pretty sensitive a some things, so you probably triggered it by accident: too many whispers/messages in a single minute, using phrases like "buy gold" or "[x] delivery" etc.
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    I'm afraid you might be a little confused here. We explained in the run beforehand how to play the fight and you went out of your way to do precisely the opposite, which was the reason we kicked you. Furthermore, you're renowned on the server for randomly kicking people in runs. Our guild master was kicked by you from an EoE25 run (without making any mistakes) because you wanted to keep all tank items in your own guild. Also, generally a bad idea to talk shit about a guild and threaten them afterwards if you want to stay legitimate.
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    So you have wotlk. 3.3.5, you changed the realmlist to Omegawows. and it wont work? have you used that same wotlk before?
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    Even though restrictions managed to cut a big portion of gold sellers, it became an annoying issue again. I am getting a message every time when I log in. I suggest binding the whispering privilege to labor, for instance, restricting it until 30 or 40 levels and make available when two people added a friend to each other. This could solve the problem at least until a better suggestion derived. To eliminate downsides of communicating the potential of whisper; create a community guild that people join with a command for each faction this will help for organizing low levels for rdfs, questing, etc. Other than that statistically, if the low-level person whispering to the high level that he/she do not know it is mostly because of begging or gold selling.
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    not available yet I reckon.
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    OmegaWoW is now open for guild transfers! We've been receiving requests for quite a while, and have been figuring out a way to enable them while keeping things as fair as possible to our current community. There are two options for transferring: Guilds between 10 and 19 players can request to join, and upon providing a list of account names, will receive 14 days of double XP to speed things up, allowing them to get back to the endgame and enjoy our pre-nerfed Ulduar. Guilds of 20 players and over will receive 14 days of double XP, as well as enough Guild Transfer Points to buy shoulder, chest, weapon and trinket heirlooms. If any of you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us through a PM to this account, on Discord, Facebook or on our forum. The process will be handled as follows: The guild leader contacts us, providing a list of newly-created account names by their guildmates. We will set the accounts up with the XP Boosts, and heirloom currency where applicable. That's it! The cost of spells is already reduced by 33%, so levelling on a higher rate won't be a problem for the experienced player. Dual Talent Specialization is also free for Alliance players, in an effort to keep the factions as balanced as possible. Part of our ongoing effort to make PvP feel more appealing and rewarding than WOTLK traditionally does, we are implementing a new set of account-bound currencies that reward players for participating, and winning, in PvP settings. Sigils of War can be earned by winning Battlegrounds, and can be redeemed for Season 1 TBC weapons to be used for transmogrification. Sigils of Domination can be earned by winning arena matches, with 3v3 rewarding three per win, and can be redeemed for Season 2 TBC weapons, for the purpose of transmogrification. Additionally, we are making the Tier 3 set pieces (no longer obtainable in-game) purchasable with Sigils of Vanquishing, which will drop off bosses in WOTLK dungeons. The Celestial Steed, until now missing from our shop, will be purchasable only with Sigils of the Titans, a mysterious currency whose whereabouts are yet unknown. We have further improvements in the pipeline, and we hope those changes will give those less interested in PvP an opportunity to get something they feel has a use for them! Kind regards, OmegaWoW
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    Forum account is not connected to game account. To create a game account visit https://omegawow.eu/register
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    We got rid of X-faction because it was destroying arena frames and also had a few exploitable stuff in it. It's being worked on. Please get your facts straight before you call us clueless for taking it down.
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    As I said before I knew it was futile. I did not cry. You are the one who is crying. I simply do not care for your problems as long as you keep that manner. I did not even read the rest.
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    Aight, then let me put this in the way You won't cry about because we're all 10 years olds in primary school and language like that offends us Let's say I love playing basketball. And I want to do it all the time when it's only possible. But then I'm not able to, because Johnny sucks at basketball and is a lazy ass, so he didn't come to play with all the mates so the teams are uneven. Does this leave me out and I have to go find something else to do or do we just play 6v5 and not care because it's for fun? That's how I see it. Horde is just a bunch of lazy Johnnys, and Alliance players are left out because of it. Dear god, are you really offended because i called some people pussies? Grow a pair.
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    I know it is futile and not even worth to answer this post but I will try to explain politely anyway. If you want to be taken seriously and want to fix something that you consider as problematic in game. Firstly, you have to fix the way of your speaking; having such an aggressive and insulting manner neither does help you nor the community but makes people angry with you.
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    The issue with releasing it between 8pm-10pm is that there are gonna be wipes, it's gonna be a long first clear for most guilds.. meaning they're basically making EU guilds raid until 2-5am depending on if they're good or bad. That's simply too late. It's a Saturday, 5pm server time = 11am Eastern Time for NA... they really struggle to wake up at 11am? Ridiculous. Stop catering to NA and cater to the majorty of your playerbase who are EU and would benefit much more from an earlier release that America could still realistically be online for.
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    Time doesn't matter really. Four hours difference? No? If it's 5pm whatever time it is for you then it's 1pm for me? I guess.
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    ... Why releasing it so late? The majority of your server is EU, why are you releasing it at earliest 8pm so that raids are going to have to go into the early hours ? 2-3pm GMT, so around 4-5 server time would be best.
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    So why is it moved from 5pm to now is it bcs NA? Cause if it is i dont get it like they get advantage sort of and they are not even 10% of ppl that play (ppl that raid and wana try for realm first)
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    2s is one giant rock/paper/scissors. If neither team misplays. If they do, you can beat any comp with set up and tactics. You’re probably referring to pal/warrn—> try disc/frost, shadow/frost, rogue/mage, mm/disc, unholy/rdruid or afflock/rsham. They known for being painful for pal/warr. For Pal/Dk, any caster with burst will do. Force AMS and kill the dk when it’s on cooldown. and I agree, some comps have a benefit in terms of better sync, and I agree, 3s is best.
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    ? The season reward cutoff ends the morning of Wednesday April 24, and the new season begins on the same night as Ulduar right now. Are we meant to have Season 5 go on indefinitely until mid-summer? Season 6 & Ulduar are closely linked when it comes to ilvl.