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    As we all know, PvP is still not doing great. Most of the PvPers are on Alliance, with the Horde showing little participation in PvP activities. For that, we are taking the first 3 steps (in a long list of steps) to promote PvP activity. Step 1: Restricted transfers from Alliance to Horde We will enable transfers from Alliance to Horde for select people who wish to do so. The requirement is simple: - Have over 2000 honorable kills. Make sure to mention you're doing a "PVP TRANSFER" in your ticket or you won't be transferred. Step 2: Reduce Omega Point prices of Transmogrification tokens when PvP activity increases to a healthy level Currently, the tokens are priced as follows: - Armor token: 20 Omega Points - Weapon token: 45 Omega Points Once we have determined PvP is stable enough to provide healthy competition, the prices will be reduced as follows: - Armor token: 15 Omega Points - Weapon token: 40 Omega Points Step 3: Wintergrasp Attendance Cap Wintergrasp will only allow a maximum of 60 people on each faction during the battle. Step 4: Cross-faction Battlegrounds (CURRENTLY DEFUNCT DUE TO EXPLOITS) Cross-faction battlegrounds will become active Friday morning. Please report any potential bugs you might find. We will be monitoring Horde activity in those Battlegrounds to see if it spikes up with this change. Step 5: Omega Points Temp. Boost Fifth arena win of the day will offer 5 Omega Points (was 2). First Battleground win of the day will offer 4 Omega Points (was 2). Once we see the effect of these steps, we will move on to further changes to promote PvP depending on need. We also have something planned to increase arena activity.
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    General: - We've added a feature in the Valley of Honor where players can now build Barracks and Beastiaries. They will need at least a Stronghold for the latter. - Stormwind will be uniquely phased out for each player as a security measure while the local council addresses the recent plague outbreak. - Due to Outland's unique self-destructive environment, Netherstorm and Blade's Edge Mountains have been shattered by a nearby Nether Black Hole and will be inaccessible. - The Darkc'thun Faire, a new monthly event sponsored by the Twilight's Hammer Clan, has arrived in Silithus! - Strange and lewd sightings have been reported in Jaina's private chambers through the door's peephole by several middle-aged men. - Thrall exposed in an intimate context with Garrosh. Read the Daily Orgrimmar for the latest scoop! - Dwarven sailors have returned from exploring the dark side of Azeroth and have discovered Kalimdor. - Mass famine expected as Tel'abim Co. workers go on strike. - Transmogrification has been cancelled. Instead, we are releasing Hearthstogrification, a feature that allows you to change the icon on your Hearthstone to that of any icon in the game. Only works during the weekly maintenance. - Moved a tree in the Barrens closer to another tree. - Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs have been merged to avoid confusion. Raid: - Yogg-Saron's private home will be open to the public April 3rd to April 5th. Bidding starts from 1,600,000 gold. - Kel'thuzad's Banshees now play Lament of the Highborne to the whole server upon death (stacks infinitely). - Gluth has been added to the Ulduar PTR and will make an appearance as a Beast of Northrend in the Trial of the Grand Crusader. - Onyxia has been replaced with Nefarian. - Razorscale has left Ulduar. - Patchwerk has been re-buffed to his pre-nerf post-buff state. - To celebrate the imminent launch of Ulduar, we have opened up the queues for Timewalking: Naxxramas, to relive the glory days of raiding in the damned necropolis! Drops ilvl 245 items. Economy: - Due to increasing regulation by the Argent Crusade, The Lich King has been forced to grant some of his domain to the various factions of the world. The Argent Crusade received the area north of Icecrown, the Horde has claimed Ymirheim, and the Alliance have settled in the beautiful city of Scourgeholme. - Due to irresponsible investment, the Council of Six in Dalaran has declared bankruptcy and is selling the city to the Blue Dragonflight. - In an effort to make Leatherworking more appealing, Thunder Bluff is now offering to subsidize the cost of Skinning Knives. - Mining has been removed due to all of Azeroth's nodes having been depleted. PvP: - Removed. - Wintergrasp has been turned into an attraction fair. Tickets start at 10 gold, with family discounts available. - Alterac Valley has been turned into an open-world zone, where players can fight over the single last mining node in the world.
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    Not sure if anybody played on Kronos, but there was a Rogue named "Colt".. Colt was a griefer, he went out of his way to ruin other peoples in game experience. To the extent that he scored 425,000 kills of players below level 30 in Hillsbrad Foothills alone. The team of developers, and GMs decided that banning him was the best course of action, as 1 person being an idiot isn't worth losing 100's of players who aren't. As soon as Colt was banned, Kronos population increased almost immediately as players could actually play the game. Something similar towards Uther and Dobutsu could probably work out having similar results. 1-2 idiots aren't worth losing 100's of people who aren't. TLDR.
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    Problem is, if you don't ban the bots and create a flood of bots running around luring in higher level players, this will affect the lower-level players in the area that will end up getting destroyed in the process (this is a PVP-server after all) It would also make it harder to grind gatherer mats for your own professions or AH seeing as there would be so much automated competition.
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    how about not banning the bots but taking all their gains away , let them farm for a day , then delete their stuff , and if possible technicly , broadcast their names in worlchat , and set honor points bounties on them , so other people have an incentive to hunt them down and kill them , or maybe omega points for killing bots becuz i played on alot of private servers and there will always be bots , it will always be a battle to ban them all the time , maybe if u do it this way people that wanna bot and see how server deals with it , they wouldnt bot there ofc i wouldnt know how to implement that or if its even possible , but the dedicated botting people will always bot , no matter how many times they get banned they will find a way. So why not frustrate them at every turn , let them farm to their hearts content , but intercept all their auctions and mails and clear their bags at regular intervals , i mean ofc AFTER they have been identified as bots without a doubt , then let them continue on but without making any money , let them play on but like i said intercept all their mails/auctions , and when they go offline delete all items in bags and bank and delete their gold , and let them start over , then do it again 🙂
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    This post is 3 months old, before the server even came out...
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    Hey guys! Today I'd like to showcase one of our new features coming with the launch of OmegaWoW: The Omega System. The Omega System will be replacing the antiquated voting system, complete with its own shop. We looked at the voting system and came to the conclusion its effectiveness in 2019 is not enough to keep it around; people would rather check social media for finding out the right server for them instead of a weird website full of banners. With that in mind, we wanted to keep the reward system of the shop, but needed to figure out a way to acquire the points. So, we looked inwards, to the game itself. Without further ado, here's how you'll acquire Omega Points: 1 point - Every 3 hours of played time 1 point - First dungeon of the day 3 points - End boss of the most current raid 4 points - First battleground win of the day 5 points - Fifth arena win of the day Those numbers can be changed in the future, but for now, this'll be the only way on launch (and for a while after) to attain points. We'll have the shop up & running this coming week, so you can start planning what you want to gather points for first! Kind regards, The OmegaWoW Staff
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    I'd like to go through the community with this, and see if there are any other criteria which would be important in identifying a ninja looter. Criteria that both identifies the looter, and protects those who are maliciously reported. Please leave your feedback in this topic. For the first version of the system, only ninja-ing in RDF will be punished. Who you raid is still your responsibility. If someone reports a ninja, here are the data we require to process the report (done through screenshots): Ninja player's class Ninja player's spec (for classes which have more roles especially, but not exclusively) Chat proof of item being illegally rolled for Screenshot of reported player's equipment, to make sure he truly doesn't need the ninja'd item The player/s who could rightfully roll for the item - in the case they do not need it - would need to provide clear chat consent before any roll if they do not need the item, so others can roll on it. The main line of defense a false flag ninja would have in this situation would be asking for consent in advance of rolling on the item. ALTERNATIVELY We can just fully disallow needing on items that are not for the person to wear, or items that are worse in quality than the ones they already own. The system already has buttons for Greed and Disenchant, so there should be no excuse here. Another issue: If no one needs the item, for example the tanking sword Red Sword of Courage in Utgarde Pinnacle, would the tank still have the right to roll Need on it, or would we view that as ninja-ing? Discuss! Obvious ways to determine someone ninja'd an item: 1. Armor type differs from what they can equip: Priest, Warlock, Mage: Cloth Rogue, Druid: Leather Hunter, Shaman: Leather until level 40, Mail after level 40 Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight: Mail until level 40, Plate after level 40 2. Armor type is irrelevant in the case, but we go by stats depending on spec: Healers: MP5, Spirit Tanks: Defense Rating, Parry Rating, Dodge Rating, Block Rating Damage Dealers (Casters): Intellect, Spell Power Damage Dealers (Melee): Attack Power, Strength, Armor Penetration, Agility Several classes have a boatload of weapons they can equip. The following is a list of weapons they can equip, removing the ones that are worthless to their class (like Staves for Warriors): Death Knight (DPS) - Axes, Swords, Maces, Polearms, Sigils Death Knight (Tanks) - Axes, Swords, Maces, Polearms, Sigils Druid (Healer, Restoration) - 1-H Maces, Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Off-hands, Idols Druid (DPS / Tank, Feral) - 2-H Maces, Polearms, Staves, Idols Druid (DPS, Balance) - 1-H Mace, Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Off-hands, Idols Hunter - Axes, Swords, Polearms, Staves, Daggers, Fist, Bows, Crossbows, Guns Mage - Swords, Staves, Daggers, Wands, Off-hands Paladin (DPS, Retribution) - 2-H Axes, 2-H Swords, 2-H Maces, Polearms, Librams Paladin (Tank, Protection) - 1-H Axes, 1-H Swords, 1-H Maces, Shields, Librams Paladin (Healer, Holy) - 1-H Swords, 1-H Maces, Shields, Off-hands, Librams Priest - One-Handed Maces, Staves, Daggers, Wands, Off-hands Rogue - One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Swords, One-Handed Maces, Daggers, Fist, Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Thrown Shaman - Axes, Maces, Pole Arms, Staves, Daggers, Fist, Totems Shaman (Enhancement) - Axes, Maces, Polearms [2-Handeds up to level 40], Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Totems Shaman (Healer, Restoration) - 1-H Axes, 1-H Maxes, Polearms, Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Shields, Off-hands, Totems Shaman (DPS, Elemental) - Axes, Maces, Polearms, Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Shields, Off-hands, Totems Warlock - Swords, Staves, Daggers, Wands, Off-hands Warrior (DPS, Arms / Fury)- 2-H Axes, 2-H Swords, 2-H Maces, Polearms, Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Thrown Warrior (DPS, PvP Protection) 1-H Axes, 1-H Swords, 1-H Maces of the DPS variety as well as all of the above. Warrior (Tank): 1-H Axes, 1-H Swords, 1-H Maces, Shields, Bows, Crossbows, Guns (Priority for Tank guns), Thrown The Paladin Conundrum: Paladin Healers have a bit of a weird flexibility when it comes to Armor for the Holy spec. Sometimes they end up using Cloth/Leather/Mail healing armor due to the stats, so this one is a bit trickier to handle. Open for suggestions. One thing that is for sure is that all Plate armor with Intellect on it is a full priority for Paladins, regardless of what spec they are in. They are the only class to use Plate armor with Healing stats. I am certain there are more things to look out for, so please feel free to suggest more.
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    Ah, player from iNsAnE... Case dissmised
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    Really? He wrote two lines in all caps, you then dropped a passive-aggressive threat when he had done nothing wrong (Caps for two sentences is not a bannable or mutable offence) and then he replied with "your mom?" followed by "<3" I am sorry, but this is a clear case of you being offended and feeling hit over nothing. Regarding the "Anal" names: People caught with inappropriate names will be flagged for name change by staff, just report them ingame.
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    you were banned because you were playing with 4 characters at the same time . 3 of our gms were following you for 1 hour.
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    Good criteria identification. But as its factual, the more you write, the fewer people read. You may consider to create tldr; a section for rules which only include compulsory requirements of ninja reports.
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    Good offering, it may not be perfectly applicable due to reasons that Tisame pointed; but brainstorming isn't for bringing a best-rasterized solution. I think quantity over quality is more important in such activity. What you suggest may create a progression link or start point in someone else's mind, as well as Tisame showing that its problems. It is both a valuable contribution in different ways. Don't take it personally and continue. Therefore we may create a good solution as a result of the collective mind (like science). I like your comprehensive analyses.
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    Disallowing to roll on certain items will probably create less work for the staff of the server, but also affects player experience the most. But if you were to go this path, then maybe you can make it so that you cannot need on items on a higher armor class, so a resto druid could need on a cloth item, but not on a mail item for example. This would still probably be abused to a level, but to a much more managable level for the staff, otherwise you will probably end up getting over-worked more than usual during the first few weeks of this system.
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    hi rebecca are you by any chance a shemale ? might sound like a very personal question but since you brought up the subject of your penis yourself , i thought it wouldnt be out of place ( the question , not the penis) ill have u know i love shemales 🙂
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    maybe, i dont know this, but is more easy for a gm to teleport both playes on gm island and ask them to do a task in same time, before to get banned, because have same class and play together.
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    Top tier post 🙂 Very informative, very personal. Damn good introduction. Welcome to the server/forums 😄
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    That is why I told buffing the auctioneer's health be an option. However, punishing him would be totally unjust action. So if someone kills me and if I consider that he is ruining my game, should he/she be banned? What is your understanding of subjectivity and objectivity? "Increasement in population" is neither a criterion on server quality nor judgment. If it was, we would not be playing in here there are much more crowded servers. I really hate to explain basic logic. I am not going to waste my breath to discuss with you any further. Maybe Larry's answer is suiting for your situation.
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    Please add an armory ❤️
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    I asked a similar question though via PM's and this is the reply I got. So if the race changer you mentioned is similar as in it just patches the MPQ files to modify the race models used, it should be fine. But use at your own risk. I for one, stopped using the WoD models since its not worth the risk of getting a ban & the hassle of then having to wait for a ban appeal to be processed before I can play again.
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    Unfortunatly, this isn't one player, there is a group of a few players, Uther, Lichking and Illidan that are farming the Auctioneers. There isn't much that low levels can do other than rely on the high level players to try and protect the auctioneers. This is causing an issue for people levelling as they cannot use the AH or flightmasters for large amounts of time. But as I stated, they are not breaking any rules, just using game mechanics for next level trolling. Good luck on the levelling!
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    Move to another city, you fucking 2019 wow kids are so pathetic. Everything needs to be fixed for you. Sad.
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    Larry, that's nonsense. Firstly I am too low level to be any threat. Secondly I frequently arrive in the city to find dead Auction NPCs as they have long respawn timers. (in fact shortening their respawn times to 30 seconds would be better than buffing them) Just now I went to Thunderbluff after the Orgrimmar auctioneers were killed by Uther. A minute later an Alliance Death Knight called "Lichking" arrived and killed only the Auction NPCs there as well! This is a deliberate and targeted campaign of denial of service by one idiot determined to do nothing all evening but screw up the game for half the playerbase.
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    Recently formed Alliance guild Emergence is recruiting. We're currently hovering at around fifteen closely knit raiders and are looking for all classes/specs to bring us into a fully pug-independent 25-man raiding experience. We consider ourselves semi-hardcore. That means that, while don't expect 100% attendance and do avoid back-to-back raid days, we go into our raids expecting everyone to do their best to further the guild's common goals. We also emphasize social competence above any and all gameplay aspect, our experience being that successful, long-term guilds can only come about if its members are compatible with one-another. In other words: So long as you are capable of learning, reasonably mature, and overall a decent human being you'll likely find a place among us. That is all. Current raid times: Wed 8 PM server time. Mon 8 PM server time. + A possible third raid day to be decided later. For invites and questions whisper any of the following: Chagrinne Telladriss Gepetto Best wishes to all of you out there. 🙂 -Chagrinne