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  2. Thanks guys, I sorted it out and edited the answer in my original post. I think I'll just leave this post up incase anyone else has a similar issue!
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  4. well it's kinda sad i wish i know the reason why first i thought that was my fault cause i type you thc for the cloth instead of thx but i think that's a stupid reason to get a 180 day mute so yea i hope that someone will soon help us cause i would like to chat with my friends in guild at least...
  5. well if you are that druid from tanaris that i met i got muted 2 dunno why
  6. Account/Character Name: Nimbus/Moonclair When you discovered that you are banned?: today(23/08/19) 14:17 Ban Reason (Ask GM for reason before posting appeal): not sure why i got this I opened a tiket in the game but until now no answer (maybe it was carbonite sharing party quest data). Your explanation: i was levelling with a a player I had just met on the server and writing in group chat with him when i was banned. Proof of innocence (If you have any):
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  8. Bliss


    Are you launching the game from WoW directory? Or did you create a shortcut?
  9. Bliss

    Hunter's pet dead

    Please report this problem using in game ticket system. This way we will have more info about your character and can help you right away.
  10. Bliss

    Discord bans

    You were banned for advertisement by Alia. I have unbanned you but next next rule break will result in permanent ban.
  11. Bliss

    First log in not working

    If you did what @Elrohir suggested and it's still not working pm me on here or on discord.
  12. I think you should change realmlist in Data/EnGb/realmlist Use your nick, not the email
  13. This is my first time trying a private server. I have followed the instructions carefully on your Connection Guide tab and have a downloaded version that launches properly. My problem is that when I go to log in, I get a message saying my account info is not valid. This is when I enter my username (Jimmer, as stated to use in your guide). I did try to use my email just to see what happens and it moves me forward to the next page, essentially logged in, however it shows an update screen, which I assume I should not let happen (and it doesn't appear to be making progress if I leave it regardless). Both notifications are attached as photos. Just for the record, I am running on Mac OS Mojave through Wineskin. I'm so close! Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT WITH SOLUTION: I made sure I had the realm list set correctly and then went to wtf/config.wtf and also changed set realm list there. Since I am on Mac running through Wineskin, I then had to create a new skin for the WoW client since I had edited it. This time when I ran it, the logon worked! See you in there 😛
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  15. Hi. My character's name is Malwie (night elf, hunter). During the quests (completely finished) of taming, my pet died. Now, if I try to tame another pet the game says that I already have a pet, if I call it the game says that my pet is dead. Whar can I do?
  16. Just happened to see that I am banned on OmegaDiscord for no reason. Would anyone elaborate more on this case? ID:Zbucket#1931
  17. Greetings The disciplinary actions we did were followed by careful investigation. even if you or your Lil "brother" using a bug it is still bannable. If you discover an exploit on the server (for example mobs respawning unnaturally fast, resulting in being able to amass gold at alarming rates, or an item that has brokenly overpowered effects, or an item that lets you fly around the Vanilla world or lets you fight while mounted when it shouldn't) your responsibility is to immediately report it to the OmegaWoW staff. Continuously exploiting the bug can result anywhere from a 7-day ban to a PERMANENT one. this time the account banned for 5 days. we will monitor it afterward and if it happens again all the accounts and IP will get banned permanently.
  18. Hello, everyone. New tank coming through! So, as a warcraft lore lover and an Arthas fan I always wanted to play, or even better, to live the experience of Wotlk. I guess my wishes finally are coming true. I always liked to play tank so that's gonna be my main role once again. From what i could see, Horde have a way higher population than alliance, that's why i'm going to ally hoping that it could help balance the population (even tough it's a small part, but it can't hurt, right?). Hope to see everyone in future raids. CYA.
  19. One of the gm misunderstood my little bro,s bug and claimed as hack. I would like u guys to check the fault and give him his is back.. He is small so he could not convice gm .. But he didn't do anything wrong for wow, like using hacks. . He was so happy playing wow.. . But now he is like. . . .. U should know.. . Some gm named PUDGE mistook bug. Please let him have justice for God shake.. ❤ Character. . Justgo Id.. Bebayka
  20. Guest


    Hi guys, I installed the game yesterday and it was working fine. Today I wanted to start the game, but there is a note that Divx.Decoder.dll is not working. I already installed it new, the game is not starting nonetheless. What can I do?
  21. topone

    Innocent Suggestion

    Nice idea but I don't think it is the way the admins think here. It would be nice to trade characters with each other but if you Really want to try another toon, you can always grind one to 80 and get to know it during the process. Have a good day, Peter
  22. Did he get banned or have to trade trinket? If people don't fear punishment for being a 'ninja' everyone will just need any and all epics and simply vendor them.
  23. Scuffscar, the healer of the party, during trial of the champion (joined trought the dungeon finder system) rolled need and won the trinket "Banner of Victory". He never declared he would have rolled on melee dps items. The party was composed as following: Hekate (tank), Scuffscar (healer), Zink (melee dps), Vaataria (me, melee dps), Aranor (ranged dps).
  24. have you tried unstuck? Click on the "?" icon at the bottom to enter the support system. Click on "Open a ticket". Click on "Stuck". Click on "Auto unstuck". have you tried the .unstuck command? have you openned ingame ticket?
  25. Hello My character Belidruid is stuck in Hellfire Peninsula. I was trying to find the dugeon and fell of the edge of the map. Please help.
  26. guys i have a suggestion .. can you provide some way of internal transferring to try new classes .. for gold or donation or anything to boost to 80 with some basic gear .. instead of leveling all over again
  27. Undead Poets Society is a brand new guild looking for dedicated players to fill our spots for 10 and 25 groups. We offer you highly professional leadership, with no favouritism. For now we're spamming dungeons but the moment we get more players we will focus on raiding. Raids will probably be done around 20:00 ST. For more info /w Zbucket or Madproof in-game or join our discord group: https://discord.gg/mpbF77b
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