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    • Account/Character Name:      Mestize/Umon When you discovered that you are banned?: 6th of July Ban Reason: I was caught using Flyhack, I deserved it Well, no proof of innocence here. It is not actually a ban appeal It's just a simple request, from a guilty friend. My roommate , on the 6th of July, showed me this Server asking me if we wanted to play together. We made our accounts, started playing, linked ourselves with recruit a friend, then I did the shit and since i'm a fucktard I decided to use hacks to overlevel him without him knowing. Well, we share a flat since we're students, and at the moment he's pissed he can't play anymore because I had the IP banned for both of us. I was just wondering if we could keep my  account banned and unban the IP. I know that this will mean letting me the chance to play too (his account name is Mariuolo, by the way) and I don't deserve it ,but I was wondering if something could be done. Plus i'll be leaving this house soon going back to my parent's so that would be it. Thanks sirs Regards  
    • They said info will be posted today (no specific hour of the day has been providded).
    • Responding in my honest opinion for what its worth : Honor rates are ok, it is quite easy to get all of the honor gear as it is now. (even if they reset honor points, lets be honest) I'd say that 2 flush/week is better cause it means you have to do 20 games if you want all the points you can get in a week. Which means more q's in a week to get competitive gear. But double arena points gained each flush is ok too i guess GOD, please, yes ! I rly don't get why you only show the top 5 teams... Agreed, and proven multiples times on multiples servers, whatever pop they have. For WG,I'd say : don't reset the marks AND don't change the rate Sadly true... I mean, i respect everything the staff does to try and improve the pvp status. At least they are listening to players feedback, which is not always the case on pservs. But clearly, all the announcements those last days/weeks were more like bandaids to cover a diseased body in emergency - not a real cure... Players here gave a lot of feedback/suggestion, just try to correlate them with the current server status and compare with other servers, etc. to get a clear pvp policy regarding rewards/rates/events...   Cheers !
    • All people playing pvp to get their pvp offparts will play wintergrasp for honor points. Usually players have the wg badges much faster than the honor points, so in the end touching the wg badges has no impact at all, besides players feeling robbed. With x2 rates players can buy the new ring after 3 wg wins, so they can buy everything they want within the first one or two days anyway. The ilvl of the new wg rewards is 232, so like the previous pvp set, so its not even that impactful. Its not that players will do wg more or less often with the change. Not keeping it blizzlike here does more harm than good. My overall recommandations for seasonal transitions and changes: 1. Honor points next season x3 (instead of x2) or fixing wg honor gain 2. Double arena points gained each flush 3. PvP ladder visible for at least top 20 ranks 4. 3v3 rewards are useless with a small pvp community, so effort here is wasted 5. Only remove arena points and keep the rest blizzlike (dont remove other currencies) It cant be done any better for a short season like the upcoming one. And lets be honest, the current transition is a full fiesta, every day things change (at least most of the time for the better). We have had like 5 or 6 different announcements/statements regarding the season end and currently most players are more confused than informed.
    • First off, quoting announcement to clarify the issue:   Beside it we will also change other currencies like: Honor, Wintergrasp Mark of Honor, Stone Keeper's Shards. Please be aware that we won't take all your points. We will reduce them to balance the economy with upcoming PvP system changes.  Honor points will be reduced as follows: If you have more than 70000 we will take 50% of excess, so if you have 75000 you'll have 72500 after squash. Those 50% will be converted to gold (2HP = 1G) OmegaWoW staff is aware of current state of PvP. Season length is reduced by almost half compared to blizzlike time. People may have trouble to get their honor gear/arena gear in time.  Having that in mind we decided to boost rates of PvP currencies to make gearing easier and more "possible". Rates will look as follows: Arena Points - x2 Wintergrasp Mark of Honor - x2 Stone Keeper's Shards - increased from 10 to 15 per quest Honor cap will be set to 100000.   Question 1: How will WG marks and Stonekeeper shards be changed/resetted? It's great that there was a formula provided for Honor points, and Arena points obviously being resetted completely, but how will the other marks be effected? Question 2: previously commendations (bravery, honor) would be resetted/removed. Now they won't?   Question 3: Why will you even touch WG marks + shards AT ALL, when you BUFF them next season? This implies u (partially) delete them, to make gaining them easier next season. 
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